Friday, October 18, 2013

What Should I Do To Achieve My Dream

Assalamualaikum to everyone, today, i want to share about what should i do to achieve my dream in my life. Everyone, everybody, boys and girls, young and old, they also have a dream but how or what they do to achieve their dream, i don't know. I'm also have a dream, my dream is i want to be a successful businessmen and i want help my parent and siblings in my life. To achieve my dream, i must work hard and smart, never give up to quickly and i always think positive. I always ask my parent, siblings, friends, uncle and aunty opinion about the business, sometimes they say, is hard to do a business and must take a risk to successful but i know that will be negative think for everyone, i will not give up to achieve my dreams in my life because i always get a support from my parent and siblings.

What Should I Do To Improve My Public Speaking Skill

Public speaking skill is the one of difficult subject for me because I must speak in english 100% pure english. Before i do public speaking, i did not realize that i have make a many mistake before this. My lecturer always give their opinion and comment about my weaknesses after i finish a public speaking presentation in class. I will improved myself to be a better than before, i take that comment from my lecturer because i know it give a positive impact to me. I also study the meaning of the word that i don't know by use a dictionary and the correct pronounciations so that i didn't repeat or make the same mistakes.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why I Am Afraid to Speak In English

Assalamualaikum, tonight, i want to share with you about why i am afraid to speak in English. I am afraid to speak in English because i'm not good in English, and sometime when i speak in English, i afraid either its broken or not. When i feel like that, i always practice in front of mirrors, my parent and siblings to speak clearly and not broken english at my home. Beside that, i also hear and follow or sing a song, especially English song to make me feel brave to speak in English and i also use dictionary to know the word meaning if i don't know or understand. In the class, my lecturer also help my friends and i to speak without feel afraid. I feel more confident to speak in English right now

How Do I Communicate Effecvtively With My New Classmate And Roommate

Assalamualaikum, today i want to share about how do I communicate with my new classmate and roommate at KPTM KB. When i meet with a new classmate and roommate in my life, i always begin and start the conversation between my new classmate and roommate, i a friendly person, and it is easy for me to introduce myself or talk with a new classmate and roommate. The first question that i be a starting conversation is i ask their name, where they come from and what course their taking in kptm kb. The first person that i communicate is Siti Noor Laily, she was in my group in orientation week, she also take a same course with me, i feel so lucky when i meet her because she is my classmate. My roommate name is Badri Ezzanie, he came from kedah and taking diploma in agrotechnology, at the dorm, i always talk with him, and also ask him about study, subject, and sometime talk about girlfriends or the girl that he likes.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

How Do I Adapt With The New Environment When I First Came To KPTM KB

Assalamualaikum, tonight i want to share with you about how do i adapt with the new environment when i first came to KPTM KB. KPTM KB stand for Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kota Bharu. When i come to KPTM KB, i feel so greatful because Allah give me a chance to continue study at KPTM KB after i quit from my ex institute. I meet a new friends at KPTM KB and my friends come from another state beside Kelantan such as Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor and others. The situation at KPTM KB is totaly different from my ex institute because i feel confident and i trust myself to learn a new subject, environment, and accept a new thing in my life and also get a full supporter from my parent and siblings, i will not forget my promise and also i will not forget my parent when i came here.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lamanya aku tak update blog

Assalamualaikum, sudah hampir msuk 2 tahun aku tak update blog, huhu, busy skit, skrg dah jadi student, jadi byk assignment, latihan dan jga aktiviti2x. Apabila madam aku suruh buat blog, aku terfikir sejenak 'aku ada blog tapi tak pernah2x plak aku nak update...!!!' slpas aku balik, aku trus buka blog aku, rupanya hidup lgi blog ni, huhuhu, setakat ni saja lah yg mahu aku update, lepas ni, update dalam english plak utk assignment, huhu, assalamualaikum

Thursday, February 24, 2011


style??? mcm2 style ada, style rmbut, style fashoin, style dri sndri dan byk la, aku ada byk style, style yg aku ska ialah style rmbt, sring kli stiap bngun pgi slpas mndi, aku sllu wt style rmbt,, nk bgi nmpak hensem......hahaha, bla kluar pun, aku wt style jgak, style aku style korea, nmpak sgt mnat korea, hahahaha, mmng pun, smpaikan gya fesyen pun mcm artis lelaki korea, tak kira la pnynyi ke ataupun plkon, tpi aku bebas je nk wt apa pun.......sring kli aku kluar, ada org kta aku mcm lee minho, mklum la mka nk dkat sma je, ada jgak yg kta mka mcm minho shinee, sbb aku prnh wt rmbut mcm dia, tpi skrg ni smua style artis korea aku dh wt, aku mmng ska korea...........korg plak mcm ne??? apa style ksukaan korg???????